Friday Night Rituals

This is one of my best friends and I at a rodeo, and yes, we dress like that more often than just at rodeos. I have known this lady since grade school, through every up and down imaginable, her and I have been there and are only closer because of it. But this post is not about the mushy intricacies of my relationship, oh no, this post is about the ritual Friday nights that allow me to see this girl on occasion

There is this little hole in the wall bar in Brown City, MI. called Jacks R Wild a bar extension of a lovely restaurant called the Harrington Inn. My family has known the owner Jack for years. He is a lovely human being and fantastic piano player. The bartender is also a peach, just a dime of a lady! She single handedly runs the show, never forgets a drink, and makes you feel like a family member the second you walk in the door. But the real reason we frequent on Fridays in this gem of a bar is for… oh yea… KARAOKE.
Now… my girl can RIP!! Her and I love to tear up that bar with classics, country and more. We dance our little hearts out and drink to the good times! Stepping around the tiny dance floor in our boots or being twirled by our buddy Red, it never fails that our Friday night is filled with complete bliss from the little lives we lead. Her and I both work in the city and neither one of us belong there. This is where we belong, this little small town life where you always know who will be there to cheer and clap for you.

There is nothing that quite compares to a Friday Night Ritual with your best friend… even if we substitute Karaoke to back roadin or fishing, there is never a dull moment!


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