How Old Is Your Soul?

Being a young 24 year old adult there are plenty of moments that I still live in my immaturity. Paint fights, late nights and completely ridiculous conversations over wine. I am hanging on to my youth, I don’t want to keep growing up, I had to early enough! My mom passed away when I was a kid, I became a woman that day. Living like an adult and taking care of yourself because your dad didn’t quite realize he had a daughter.

I love this life, this young, single, vibrant world of whatever! But at this early stage in my life I have grown up in necessary ways. I have a good job that I love, I pay all of my bills, I thoroughly take care of myself and my gorgeous dog, I handle my shit. But that has not stifled my love for random young at heart moments.

But, this world, this wannabe cage called society wants to hinder this free spirit. Insurance, banks, bills, stocks, you name it! I am convinced these “necessary evils” were designed by man to make us “grow up” aka die inside. I am in the throngs of bullshit called adult life at the moment and this is my promise to my readers and friends and passer bys… I will not let this kill my spirit! I will be making s’mores by candlelight tonight as a reminder that I live my way.

So I ask… How old is your soul?

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  1. I like to think I am young at heart and live that way, but some family members recently told me that I am an old soul, so now I’m not sure what age my inner self is. Maybe it’s just that I can balance between being a responsible old fart and a crazy wild child.

    ++ on a side note, if anyone can get through the BS of the necessary evils in life, it’s you my dear. Enjoy your s’mores tonight 🙂


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