Nights Out

In addition to my Friday night ritual, I also have been enjoying a Thursday ritual of sorts. Although the company changes here and there the location always ends up in Royal Oak somewhere. But this is the day to be out of the box for me, sexy outfits, drastic eyes, stilettos if the mood strikes and flirting with my favorite bouncers and bartenders. (I will not deny it, this is a moment I utilize my feminine traits so I do not have to wait in line or pay full price for drinks… I do apologize to anyone this offends, but in reality this is society and I am playing the part.)
My favorite spot of late is called Fifth Ave, a cool little spot where The Killer Flamingos play every week. Music is a big deal to me so finding a talented cover band that I thoroughly enjoy is difficult, but I promise you… The Killer Flamingos are legit.


I have to say I more than enjoy my Thursday ladies nights. It is the perfect end to the work week and a fantastic start to the weekend. I get to hang out with more amazing friends (depending on who shows) and I get to look and feel sexy (I usually put away the cowboy boots and camouflage for these outings) and if you are really lucky other people will flatter you as well. And a girl is lying if she says she doesn’t need or desire flattery… we all do to some degree… everyone does really.

Here is a photo of myself and one of my frequent ladies night attendees. I am sure some of my later posts will include photos of my other favorites. I can officially say again that I am blessed with many friends ❤
So here is to the night!! I wish for all of you the unbridled enjoyment of your Thursday!

What will you be doing this fine evening??

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