Who Am I When You’re Not Looking

One of the things I have found hardest in my life to balance is my drive to succeed in a thriving business world run by men and politics and the desire to spend my life in the middle of nowhere country land living the quiet life.

I find happiness in power, I find happiness in peace.

If you want to see me in my absolute desirable element where I feel more than me, you would have to find me in an open field, riding a horse, with my dog running beside me, while reading a book and singing at the top of my lungs somehow also dancing. Impossible I know, but that would be the way to sum me up.

But on a normal day, I throw on the power suit, strap on the “in charge” stilettos and head to the office to butt heads with men who of course “know more than you”. I am a Senior Manager at 25, I’m the president of an association in Detroit, the youngest in history might I add and I just got tapped to do some Marketing Consulting for a booming small business.

So who am I? Am I the country bumpkin hillbilly that would rather roll around in the dirt and fall asleep under the stars? Or the cityiot who enjoys fine wine dining and a sexy backless dress? Can’t I be both?

How hard it must be to date someone like me. A walking conundrum of personalities but all at once me and true to myself.

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