When You Close A Door

“When one door closes, another opens” I always thought of this metaphor in the state of being in a circular room filled with doors that lead out. You open one door that leads to a set of experiences, emotions, happenings and choices. On many occasions you head back in to the room and close the door which concurrently opens the next. But do you ever find yourself closing a door, only to your realization that the next door has not opened, but you are stuck in the room pondering if you were ready for that door to be closed or not. Do you force yourself to open the next door and move on? Do you go back to the door you just closed and maybe see if you should open and try again? You realized that you are not sure that you closed this door for you or if you closed the door because of another.

I currently feel stuck in the room following a recent decision to close a certain door. Did I close this door for me? Or did I close this door because I am insecure with me? I wasn’t even sure I was ready to close the door, but when offered with the option to choose, closing the door seemed like the right thing to do at the moment. I guess I have a little time to sit in this room and ponder my decisions for a bit. No one is forcing me toward one door or the other. There is no one fighting to be my decision, there is simply silence while I wait in the room and pray for the decision.

The only goal is to not become stuck in the room… moving forward is always a must.



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