While having a conversation with an old friend of mine today he mentioned something about relationships and how “well, you just learn to deal right?” This immediately struck me as odd… just deal? Do we really have to just “deal” in love?? My immediate response was exactly this…

“Just deal? I’m not settling for anything less. There are many mediocre things in life, love should not be one of them!”

He proceeded to talk about their current issues and the lack of support from her on him returning to school. His decision to return to learn has apparently caused a lot of turbulence in the relationship. So naturally, I respond with:

“Life is bumpy roads. Just gotta find the one you want to ride them out with. The one who will sit next to you and never falter.”

I have struggled with this notion for years. Finding “the one” and spending out your life in a bliss that is full of challenges and changes and twists and turns, but you are still so in love at the end of the day the hard times are temporary. Is this idea insane? Am I crazy for thinking that this insanity exists? Is it really possible for two people to be so in love, best friends, soul mates if you will, that no hard time could alter the extent of their love?

What about the studies that have been done that humans, like many other mammals, are not genetically bred to be monogamous creatures?

Or is my friend more accurate? Do I need to be more focused on finding one that is for all intensive purposes “good enough”? Am I stuck in a fairytale idea of love and the future? For being an intense and aggressive person,or according to my friend “cold blooded”, I do seem to have a very odd whimsical idea to romance and love.

What do you think love really means? Is settling as bad as it seems?



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