Judgement and Stereotypes


I was recently blessed to travel home and see some old friends. A bonfire, just what the doctor ordered! It had been so long since I was able to spend quality time with some of these friends and it was long over due.

I showed up to a party in full swing, the fire was roaring, the beer was flowing and I couldn’t wait to step out of my truck and in to the brisk night. I had my good jeans on and my new boots but I had left my Carhartt at home and had to settle for a pea coat. Oh well, it was warm enough. I never could have imagined the coat would cause me such grief. Apparently my hair cut wouldn’t fit in either.

My hair was the first thing my friends noticed, it’s a deep red and has an edgy bang now… I wanted a change and my stylist did just that. But I guess I could not have predicted the new look would categorize me a “city girl”. Those were the first several comments I heard! “Oh look at the city girls hair!” and “That’s what happens when you spend too much time in the city!”. Almost as if on cue, an hour later I was getting grief for my coat. It was “so nice” and probably “cost a fortune” which caused me to assure them that the damn coat was only $20 and I just hadn’t dug up my Carhartt from the move yet.  Was I really justifying myself… to my friends?!

To top off the night, my friend was noticing a smell… someone smelled really good! I exclaimed it was probably her and leaned in to check. Upon this decision she declared “No, its you! You smell good! It’s that nice city smell!” My response, irritated and simple… “Or I just showered before I got here.”

It’s funny to me that these are the deciding factors to being a city girl. Let’s not forget the village I grew up in is significantly smaller than the city they are in. The travel time to grocery stores and movie theaters and restaurants is a good 20 minutes EXTRA for me. Although I was not raised with horses and cattle, I was raised gathering eggs from the chickens, feeding and breeding ducks, also tending to the goats. A small farm may pale in comparison, but am I really that far off from your childhood? I had to work on a neighboring farm in trade to ride her horse, it wasn’t my past time. I didn’t have the finances or the opportunity for that lifestyle anyways, I chose busting my ass at school and in sports so I could eventually afford them myself by traveling off to get a damn good degree. I grew up hunting and fishing, I trekked through the woods as a hobby and waded through the creek until it froze over in the winter. I have a pheasant and an owl stuffed and mounted in my apartment. I own a gun, soon to be several. I own enough camouflage and flannel to wear something different daily, and I like that look.

Therefore I am finding myself to be more and more misplaced. My friends back home seem to think I am a different breed and although I know how to blend in, my life sticks out like a sore thumb in the city. I get odd looks when I step out of my Chevy pick up, camo seat covers and all its glory. If I go out with my boots on forget any guy buying me a drink, I immediately shove myself in to a very intimidating category. I have a slight southern drawl courtesy of my raising and it has been pointed out to me more than once in my daily life.

So here I stand, living up to the title of my blog and once again reminded of my walking contradiction. I guess the only thing that matters is that I am true to me, as weird and complicated as that may be!!


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