Can I Thank You


“I saw you the other day… you didn’t see me. I am glad for that. I don’t think I could have handled you knowing I was there and watching you choose to ignore me. I fully believe that is what you would have done.

She was there.

I don’t think it would have been good even if you would have noticed and said hello. I can’t promise I would have stayed cordial and silent and not called you out on your bullshit life. She is wrong for you in every way… is it possible I am the only one that would have verbalized this to you? Maybe you had heard it before, but you chose your life now.

Can I thank you? Thank you for making me bitter and cynical on the ideas of romance and love. A smart thing for me to do would be to forgive you and set myself free, but I can’t find the will to do so. I can’t move. Did any part of me ever make you feel this way? So helpless and intoxicated?

Maybe if I could just be selfish for a minute and blame you out loud. Would that help? Maybe screaming it would help me to let it go.”


I wrote this for a couple people… there are quite a few who have felt so torn up by another. And some who have yet to heal.




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