Between the Sheets


I could see the desire in his eyes. Immediately I was nervous, unsure that I was able to keep up with the carnal interest he was devouring me with. I could feel what he wanted and swear I could already taste his lips. He was across the room but I knew… He approached me slowly and with each step my heart quickened. I was anxious and excited, couldn’t wait for him to be next to me yet so afraid I would make the wrong move.

His arms slipped around my waist and I could feel his hot breath on my neck, ever so gently tracing with his kiss until he reached my lips. I knew I would lose my grip on reality in this moment. I was swept away in a blaze, lost in a tangle of skin and passion. Could this be real? Was this a dream? The playful bite on my shoulder assured me that I was most certainly awake and alive. Wrapped up between the sheets and the length of his body I was gone. The feel of his lips tracing the contours of my body and his strong grip moving me where he pleased… how could I say no? Was there ever a chance that I could have resisted?


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