Why Is Love So Hard

Why is love so hard to believe if it never reached the point of forever? Dating is a ruthless and harrowing task that basically all of us endure to a certain extent. When dating gets serious, sometimes you fall in love regardless of the end result. But if the end result is a break up, splitting apart two people who felt enough to attempt an idea of forever, why is the idea of love lost? Instead of remembering the love you once felt for each other, people start throwing blame and playing the victim and the feelings once had become damaged and diminished.

I also have a theory: I have noticed that as you age, getting over and/or recovering from a break up seems 20x easier. You don’t wallow in self pity as long, you don’t cry as hard, your bounce back rate for dating is quicker. Is this simply because our experiences and maturity have helped us learn to deal and cope with the idea of the end of a relationship? Or is it because we have simply stopped loving with the ferocity we once had when we were younger? This first thought is comforting and can bring peace in to your life… the latter is quite depressing.

We need to bring our society back in to the child like intensity of emotions in certain aspects of life. We should be loving another with a passion so fierce that the idea of ending the relationship will be devastating. Broken hearts, in a way, can be a very beautiful thing. If you have never had your heart broken, then can you ever say you truly know what love feels like? One of my favorite quotes about love, I will use to end this post:

loveWhat could be worse than the absolute agony of being in love?

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