My Contradiction


I met a nice guy at the bar this weekend while out for my friends birthday. Now, I am happily in a relationship so talking to guys at the bar is always a fine line, I want to be nice but never cross the line. No number exchanges, I don’t let them buy me drinks, no dancing, things of that nature. But, meeting new people and talking never killed anyone. I am also the wheel. If my girlfriend is interested in a guy, I talk to his friend to make the situation less awkward for everyone. Anyways, I digress.

Like I said he was very nice, MRI tech from the East Side, very conversational. But then he asked me where I was from originally… when I explained the middle of nowhere he smiled and asked if I was big hunter then in result of my raising, sarcastically of course. I smiled coyly and said “yea, actually I do love to hunt”. This received wide eye shock! “You dress very nice and are really pretty, I don’t mean to be stereotypical but I wasn’t expecting that! Tell me more!” I laughed because this is not the first time I have heard that. So I went on. “Well, let me see if I can sum it up for you. I drive a big truck, it’s covered in camo, I own a large hunting dog, couple guns, I love riding horses and grew up on what I call a “mini farm”. We had tractor day at school twice a year where farmers drove combines to school, we had opening day of hunting season off as a holiday, I enjoying fishing and asked for a fishing pole for Christmas…hmmm”. At this moment his face was frozen, jaw dropped, looked very confused. He finally shook it off and said very matter of fact “we are completely different people”.

As the conversation continued we found a few things we did have in common and I laughed and said “HA! SEE! We are not so completely different, I am just not your average girl I guess”. This prompted a lovely ‘no shit’ look on his face and I was a little put off. His final lovely statement to me went like this: “So, how did you end up in the city? This doesn’t seem like the place for you although you do look the part.” Finally able to tout my career and successes, he only became more confused. “I just don’t get it, are you a country girl or are you just confused? And I am sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I just don’t get how you are both”.

Apparently, being this person that I am is not as common as I may have thought. I can’t be the only one who has multiple interests that don’t necessarily coincide with one attitude… can I?

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