The Goodbye In I Love You

Intuition, that terrible sense you have that robs you of ignorant bliss. You know immediately something has changed, maybe not exactly what, but you can feel it. A simple comment, lack of response, an uneven display of emotion. You chalk it up to a bad week, just give it time, this will pass. When it doesn’t you notice more and more and already you are guarding and covering yourself in preparation for a huge let down. But you have to be for you… bring it up… you have to do this for you!

“Do you still feel the same for me that you did awhile back”

“No, not completely”

“What changed?”

And you see it, there it is, the impending goodbye is written all over the expression staring you down

“I love you, I’ve been in love with you, I was in love with you then, I am in love with you now… I just don’t see HOW it can work”

Wait…. what?! What just happened, this isn’t right, love is beautiful and wonderful and binds you to people causing you to do anything and everything you possibly can to exhaust the potential of making it work. How do you wrap your brain around “I love you” when it is dripping with goodbye? I was just about to leave you myself and save the hurt… but now this?!

There it goes… you had been floating on cloud 9 and usually I love you would have sent you flying higher, but instead those three little words have ripped that cloud right out from under you and you slammed face first in to the ground. What a confusing roller coaster ride that was. And now what? Now I know you love me and I still know you are going to leave so… thanks???



Those three little words can once again kiss my ass


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