Today I Miss You

Today… today I miss you. I miss you like the skip of a heartbeat. My breath is shallow, I’m nervous, anxious, on edge.

Why today? No idea… maybe because you have been gone for a bit. You haven’t called in awhile. Either way, I miss you today.

I never wanted this you know… I never wished to be parted from you. The reasons why I am over here alone filter through my thoughts, trying to make sense of everything and falling short of an answer. It’s not the same, it’s not the way I want it… I want you.

Part of me hates you today and wants to yell at you “LIAR!” because love is not a word I like to throw around, or have thrown at me… and part of me simply doesn’t believe you today.

I hate myself today. For missing you, for still loving you, for still letting you have this hold on me.


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