Trust and The Truth

Trust…  A very large necessary piece to any successful relationship. I am a firm believer that without trust, there is no solid ground to stand on with another and ending will be inevitable. When trust is lost, maintaining any fragment of a relationship becomes a chore and is also exhausting. Always wondering, curious, nosy. “Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? When will you be home? Let me see your phone. Tell me your passwords” I understand the previous sentiments can be in extreme cases, some are so extreme as to start following their significant or showing up unannounced. This is not love. This is no way to be in love. There is no reason to be with someone that makes you feel like this.

Trust… something that I prefer to begin every relationship with. As I mentioned without it there is no point for me to be with you so why would I start without it? I trust full tilt, hands down, all in… unless you break it. Then, as easy as that, I will be gone.




The truth… that lovely little tidbit of information that causes you to lose trust in another (lets not confuse this with those who are truthful all the time and are amazing significants, I’m referring to the liars today). As mentioned above when women get curious and nervous and untrusting they go searching for the truth. Some never find it and ruin great relationships. Some find it and get the information they needed to run.

The truth… the lovely little tidbit of information that has its way of finding me. Maybe because I trust so willingly, it’s Karma saying “Here you go, you really need to know this about your guy, fuck him, you’re welcome”. And sure enough, IT FINDS ME. There is a saying, “Never underestimate a womans ability to find shit out.” As much as I am a firm believer in this concept, I think everyone should be more worried about the information FINDING the other. I am less likely to run from a relationship where a man can admit his wrongdoings and tell me himself. If I find out though… Boy, run.

I have to put this on the same level with a guy playing dumb. (usually occurs after the initial information explosion) Did you really think that I didn’t see it coming? Did you think I wasn’t already aware? Because I am not the searching type and I am not irrational in what I hear, I have already pegged your “explanation and excuses” before you even formulate them.

The truth… it finds me every time.



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