The Dross of Dating

Ok, so we all have our own quirks and quips with dating, especially as you get older! Wading through the endless bullshit of people just trying to hook up is never ending, but finding a real genuine connection is still a pain in the ass. I think it’s a result of past terrible experiences.

For example, you meet someone new, hit it off, dinner becomes a result. AWESOME! Until you get to dinner and conversation becomes an interview and each of you are trying to get as much info on the other to determine if it is even worth your time to go on another date. There is not enough time in the world to cover everything about me, likely for everyone else, we are complicated creatures! But I guess I could try to highlight the best of me for the daterview… and hope you call again?

And there it is!!! Do I wait for you to call? Do I call you? Send a text? An email? Shit do I simply Facebook you???? WHO KNOWS ANYMORE! Oh, whew, he text me first… thanks again for dinner! Let me know about this weekend!

It has been brought to my attention that I am a terrible first date. And hear me out, because I am not crazy or an asshole or any of the above. Apparently, I have the fantastic ability of highlighting pretty cool things about myself, listen intently, but still come off as aloof and uninterested. WHAT?! Is it my facial expression? Body language?! SHIT I am really that guarded?? Oh boy… This is going to be fun.

This recent discovery has made me realize some pretty interesting things about myself and how careful I am with my heart. I have come to the conclusion that I LOVE this about myself. To me, if a guy is truly interested then he will put in the effort to see if I am really interested. Now I am not requiring a lot in this, a simple effort for date 2 will ensure you know. If I accept a second date, I’m interested!

Also, this has made me realize that on date 2 a lot of pressure is on me to open up a bit and give the little confidence boost a guy may need. Date 2 is when I will do my best to show YOU I am interested. Little gestures and flirting touch, I will try to be closer to you physically to show closeness. Also, if I am interested… I will initiate date 3. If I ask you for date 3, you got me!! HAHA

I am done playing games, relationships are a two way street so why not make dating the same?? I want you to woo me as a woman yes, but I want to give you the reassurance you may need as a man. I am a strong, independent individual. My friends will tell you, I do not open up, I am guarded with walls years in the making. But… I am not blind to the idea that I have to be involved in the dating process if it is ever going to be successful.

If you are dating or not, just remember people… TRY. Always try with another, keep trying throughout. Never stop dating your other half. Never stop loving the lives we cross paths with.

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