My heart is heavy… and it burns with a fire that I do not understand. Is it possible to be in such an amazing place in your life and still have an overwhelming sensation that you do not know where you belong?

I leave my town worried and nervous to be away from people I love, hating the idea of things that I will miss. Moments, memories that I can not be a part of due to my absence. Yet when I arrive at my destination, I am feeling like I am home. The smells, the people, the life. Leaving this place, even after a simple weekend I feel like weeping. Can I really be leaving a place where I now feel my heart belongs?

But yet again, I step off the plane in my town and I am overcome with a sense of welcome, of being home.

Almost immediately I desire to leave and go a far.

In the same instance all of me desires to stay.

How is it possible to be in the life and not know where I belong?


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