Ugh… Is That Really What I Look Like?!

Hide Your Face

When we were all young teens there was an endless slew of horrible things that happened to us. As a girl it was periods and puberty, zits, blackheads, gaining weight but no boobs, etc. I HATED my puberty acne more than anything because I have a nervous habit of picking at myself, so I made every break out worse! Ugh, I despised being a teen.

Now as a 26 year old woman… I STILL HATE ACNE! But it was so much simpler back then! I expected to break out once a month, puberty after all was a bitch. But now there are so many more reasons that cause acne in a woman it is hard to stay on top of it all. I will go months with a clear glowing face, but then the switch from Winter to Spring comes, my skin all over my body dries out and I am wearing lotion more. I also sit with my face in my hands at work. This happens and what do you have? BOOM! Pimples all over my chin! But it doesn’t stop there! You add chap stick in to that mix and now you have embarrassing pimples near your lip line that you just can’t handle because what do you look like when you pick and pick?? A herpes case! Ugh… THERE IS NO WINNING! I am dealing with this currently, ripping at my face enough that I look contagious! AWFUL! There is not enough makeup in the world to give a woman confidence during this time. Don’t even get me started on dating during this time frame… There is not enough time in the world to describe that agony. I wake up every morning with hope, make it to the bathroom to go “ugh… is this really what I look like today?” Now I have talked to my doctor about this, he laughed at me and said “stop touching your face so much! You’re bringing this on yourself!” Thanks Doc… guess I should just wear a sign that says “Don’t worry, it’s not herpes, I am just incapable of leaving my face alone.” … One day I will learn…

How about when you make even the slightest smallest change to your skin regime? Change a face wash? New cream? Forgot to wash your makeup off from the night before? Well now you are gambling with a 50/50 chance that your skin is going to rebel and destroy your world. Change your diet? Good luck! Do you have a new prescription? Change your birth control or stop using BC or start using BC? Dear Lord good luck to you especially! Hormones are still such a bitch.

I have a really good friend who is in my boat right now, just in a different area. She is experiencing what we call the bulls-eye. That god awful pimple that no one can seem to explain that erupts on your forehead, directly between the eyes… Might as well wear a sign about that as well! “Yea, I know you see it, please stop staring”. We have discussed this a lot recently and just can’t get over how incredibly embarrassed we both feel during this time. You want to cover it up with makeup? Enjoy that pimple being around twice as long! We KNOW that everyone goes through this to a certain extent, or to even a greater extent and trust me… I feel for you. I am very blessed to have a simple occasional episode, but damn, it is never less embarrassing than the last time.

I hope you were not looking for skin advice from this article because trust me I have tried it all. I don’t have a home remedy, no magic cure, no great advice. Maybe give myself advice on not being self destructive and letting it run its course. Might be over sooner than the damage I cause. All I am looking for is a “Here! Here!” “I have been there, keep on keeping on!” “Don’t we all hate acne” Etc. This post is meant for support for anyone and everyone who has a pimple or WHATEVER ruin their self esteem.

If you want advice… Wash your face.

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