Dating Rewind

You meet a guy, go out a few times and it either fizzles out or he stops calling all at once. You write it off. Oh well, you weren’t invested anyways. Better now than later. No big deal.

But then something happens, a month later… two months later… whatever the time frame. Call it a full moon, but it always seems to happen when you have moved on (meaning you completely accepted this person being a nothing of your life or you moved on and met someone new). This guy chooses to reach out to you.

Sometimes it starts with a simple “Hey, what’s up?” or you get the long spill of “Oh, sorry this is what happened and this is where I have been” apology. From personal experience I much prefer the apology, because at least the guy is admitting fault and being a little more sincere about the whole scenario. But can someone please tell me, why if I guy comes back for round 2… why WASTE MY TIME if you are not actually interested in me. I have witnessed this recently, a guy came back for seconds, took her out on a couple dates was flirty, communicative and available… for a little while. Set up for a third date, then radio silence… Finally on the day of the date it comes through “I am sorry, I am going to have to cancel for tonight”  Then a few minutes later “I’m sorry, I am not interested”.


You came back asking to take her out. You apologized for the first time around. YOU did this. She wasn’t pining over you. She had let even the IDEA of you go. So what was your purpose? Now all you have done is commit the dating rewind crime and threw yourself in to douchebag status. Why even waste your time? Was it just something to pass the time until “the next best thing” comes along?? Well sadly, and I can GUARANTEE this because it never fails,  your next best thing will be a next end. And when you reach out to the rewind AGAIN, because you will, because you are THAT guy, she will be completely unattainable. The amazing woman that you chose to take for granted is gone buddy. She has elevated her standards to not include you. Congratulations.

I am not saying this happens every time, some times on a splendid rare occasion you get the spark that may have simply been unavailable the first time around. But let’s be real here, if you are going to try and re-hash something that was never hashed in the first place. Please make sure you are in fact actually interested. Why waste everyone’s time and make yourself look like an asshole? Because now we are going to remember you that way… and all of our friends. Nice job.



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