He Called Me Broken

I am a huge advocate of having opposite sex friends (strictly friends, if sex is involved… you’re not just friends) because their viewpoints and opinions can be so finite and blunt it’s amazing. Women are amazing companions, they stick up for you, build you up when you feel down, encourage you and love you. I do not want to take away from the amazing companionship I have in my lady loves 🙂 I simply want to look at the beauty of friendship in a dude.

*Now, for all of you naysayers out there, a platonic relationship with a guy is possible. One of my closest guy friends has been in my life for several years, I love his girlfriend, I support their relationship in every way, never in my life would I ever imagine me getting in the way of their happiness and never would he ever jeopardize what he has by pushing our friendship boundaries. So if you want to comment on this post about the impossibility of this friendship, please don’t, keep those opinions to yourself.*

Yesterday I was having a lovely catch up conversation with my good friend, we shall call him Rooney, about my last ‘relationshit’ and the bullshit words that were thrown around during it. I wish I could make this up but his first response was

“See, that’s why you’re so broken!” I immediately got defensive…

“I’m not broken!” How dare he…

“What about me seems broken? I am strong and happy and… and … PERFECTLY INTACT!”

He just laughed at me and started the process of explanation, “You’re right, not broken in the sense of sad and depressed over some jerk, but broken in the sense that the next guy that even ATTEMPTS to date you will have his work cut out for him with getting you to believe anything he has to say! Every guy we have talked about that has told you they love you has absolutely not proven this to you in any way. I feel bad for you because you don’t deserve that, but I feel bad for the guy that really does, because I honestly don’t think you will believe him”.



Fuck… I AM broken.

The beauty of dude friends, say it like it is, not worried about hurting your feelings, but always looking out for you overall.


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  1. I really like your post. I had a guy friend call me broken also. He meant to say “your picker is broken” but he said “you’re broken”. I was immediately defensive as well. I didn’t talk to him for over a week which he didn’t even notice. I like how your friend explained it. I actually started seeing my therapist again when I got into my current relationship to help me avoid allowing the wreckage from my previous relationships to seep into this one and destroy it.


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