Your Words

I found this little gem tucked away in my drafts from several months ago. And what better time than now to post when I had forgotten these sentiments were ever uttered.


These were your words, not mine, but I have decided to interpret them now that it’s over.

“I just wanted to get this off my chest… since the day you and I started talking I have be “head over heels” about you. I know that I did some things the first time around a little wrong and I think you have seen that I have corrected those problems. In a way I’m glad that you and I didn’t work out the first time because who knows we might not  be where we are now because of it. You honestly make me one of the happiest people on earth when we talk and are together. I know this is a subject you don’t want to talk about but, when we started talking the second time I was in a relationship and I dropped everything to be with you. I would do that a million times over to have had another chance to be with you. I do not and will not ever regret that decision.  You are a very beautiful woman and I know that you have had some bad relationships in the past, but I will show you how you were suppose to be treated. I want to make you a very small portion of how happy you make me. You know that at first I did not want to ever get married again and the more that you and I talk and spend time together I have changed my outlook on that subject. One day you and I will be at that point in our relationship and I cant wait to say I do. You are the most caring, thoughtful, respectful, level headed woman I have ever met. I don’t know how I got so lucky with a second chance. This time around I will hopefully be everything that you have ever wanted in a relationship. I look forward to the many conversations, time, and trips that you and I will spend together. I just wanted you to know just a little of the feelings I have when I see your face and when you and I talk. I miss you baby and I cant wait to hold you in my arms on Friday!!!!”


Translation: Bullshit


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