My Own Worst Critic

It’s not difficult to be hard on yourself, to nit pick how bad you did this or that, how awful you look in this outfit or that outfit. I am the worst when it comes to hearing myself sing. I know I am not bad, I know I am not amazing, I am good. But I have to say this might be the first time I heard myself and enjoyed listening without being overly critical.

I am accompanied by my friend Derek who is the lead singer for the band Ignoring the Echoes. (please ignore the angle)

Christina Perri w/Jason Mraz- Distance (cover)

I know there are places where we messed up, the tuning was off and I cracked a time or two. But I love this song so much, and I thoroughly enjoy the progress I have made on singing it. Hopefully this will be one YouTube video of many to come. Hopefully everyone enjoys it as well!



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