The Repeat Offender

You know what I am talking about, that ex… that ONE ex that can’t seem to leave it be. You finally feel like you have distanced yourself from the negative scenario that was that situation, only to have him pop his ugly head back in to your life at the most inopportune times. The repeat offender aka the ex boyfriend who repeatedly offends you.

The said relationship ended, you violently ended it about a year ago, not necessarily proud of all of actions, but you did what you thought would hurt him the way you were hurting. Tit for tat cause you were livid. You wash your hands of it and try to pick up the pieces that you might have left for the next guy. You spend the next few months dating and losing hope in humanity, let alone men, he tries to reach out at first but quickly quits because, in reality, he never cared as much as you. You have removed this person from all other avenues of connection that you might have left by now. Or so you think. You do your best to remove yourself, you do your best to move on.

You find someone, a good one, and you start down your path of happiness. Then BOOM! Text messages, phone calls, ridiculous attempts to reach out to you of “I need to explain”. Certain messages fall on deaf ears, some make it through… some make it through. Then you find yourself angry all over again! Furious at this person for what they did to you so long ago. “I was just coming to terms with this! Damn you!”

And the anger can never only affect you, noooo, that would be too easy. It seeps out of your pores and your friends and new happiness can sense it. You are irritable and frustrated and you are not even 100% why. You don’t love this person anymore cause the person you “loved” never existed. You don’t want to be with, let alone near this person, because their life practically disgusts you now. So why is this making you so angry? Why are you praying to see a photo of his happy face so you can spit on it?

Then it hits you… his attempt to reach out and explain completely negates the closure you thought you had back when you exploded in a fit of rage at the end of it all. He took away the one thing you had in your corner. He made you open a door you had long ago closed. It was only a door that you could open. You opened it for this bullshit??

Slam that damn door shut, smile, and get back to life.


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