29 and Living

A year ago I posted a blog about being 28 and dating. I talked on how I wanted to sit back and not go on meaningless dates just to date and throw my life on a social media app to try and find said dates. SO here is my update now:

In my 28th year of life, I spent the better part of the year doing exactly what I said I was going to do and it has been glorious! I went on a few dates throughout the year, and I did join a dating app for literally only 2 weeks, as it was mostly to appease others that I was “trying”, but it was exactly what I thought it would be. I went on several dates in a short amount of time and it was a waste. One guy had a serious girlfriend and a serious lying problem (per usual and sparked the blog called Someone Should Pay Me For This), another was “not sure he was ready for a relationship” and when I amicably agreed and bid him adieu, he has since messaged me several times to say “I sort of miss talking to you”… sort of? Nice. “I saw your NYE pic and damn girl, very nice. I just thought God damn I’m an idiot” Yes… yes you are and no, I do not want to grab a drink with you now that you realize you messed up. Sorry, but your window was small to begin with and you passed it up. I locked that window. And now that you have messaged me some bullshit, I went ahead and boarded it up too.

Aside from that, I have spent this year active, in a lot of ways! I have worked on my house, helped friends with theirs, made the gym a routine, sports, been to concerts and shows and events and trips! I have spent more time with my friends and family and people I truly care about. I have made MORE friends! I have added some truly wonderful people to my life and I am so glad for that more than anything. I went hunting again for the first time in years, I went fishing with my family, and I participated in two out of state weddings and attended a few more in Michigan which brought me more joy than I can explain.

This is exactly what I wanted. Life and to live it. I have had moments and experiences that I could have certainly blogged about, but let’s be honest… those are getting redundant. Dating mishaps. How about not dating positives instead? Everyone could use a little more positive anyways.

I am staring down the barrel of 29, a completely pointless age and number. My college idea of being married with kids by 30? Long gone! Someone asked me recently “what’s one thing right now that you’d tell your college self?”.  My reply:

Your time frame on life is bullshit. Stop planning and live.

29 Year Old Me

And I have done just that!



  1. Loved reading this!!! Definitely love the advice to your college self!! Glad to hear you such a good place. M
    any people just don’t know where start to even get a fraction of the happiness and confidence you have gained this year. Hope this inspires millions…


  2. There are no given timelines for doing things in life and even if such things did exist life would almost certainly throw you a curve ball or two.

    Age is just a number, you are older to a teenager, you are a very young lady to someone like me, to your dad you are still his baby! Guess I never had the disadvantage (maybe) of being female but I think when you met a guy who is sincere and accepts you for what you are your views may change (You seem to have had too many not so good experiences).

    Life is for living, never forget that. Be true to yourself, who you are, what you represent, what you want out of life (and it can and will change as you age), never change any of those things so you ‘fit’ in with others lives.

    Also remember we do not need others to be complete, that is a task for us and us alone, rather a partner should enhance our lives and add to it rather than alter its path and its meaning.

    I hope your future holds your dreams, I hope you find what you are looking for but more than anything I hope you are happy and healthy.


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